Monday, 19 September 2011

Auckland + Melbourne + Shoot by Design

I have just completed a 6 week online photography course run by Sydney photographer (now residing in Vancouver) Amanda Gilligan.  I have followed Amanda's blog Mocking-bird for some time now and there has always been something about her images that really resonated with me. When she announced she had created a course I jumped at the chance and enrolled.

I have to say the last 6 weeks has been an absolute creative joy! I learnt so much more than I expected not just technically but more about myself and why I love and NEED to stake pictures.

Not only was Amanda a fabulous teacher but having access to students from all over the world with a similar passions and fears was a gift that seemed to come to me at a time when I really needed it.

I have already posted some of the shots I've taken over the last six weeks. Our last assignment was to collaborate with another student. Mary based in Auckland and I decided to share our neighborhoods - this is some of what we came up with. This was a lot of fun and definitely something I'd love to explore further...

Auckland + Melbourne

Auckland + Melbourne

Melbourne + Auckland

Auckland + Melbourne


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