Sunday, 12 May 2013

postcards - tokyo in black and white

postcards - oh tokyo how i love you so!

People told me I would love Tokyo. I knew I would love Tokyo. But I never thought that in just 10 days this AMAZING city would get under my skin the way it did. I seriously can't stop thinking about it!

For me, this trip was about taking photos. My intention was to shoot film during the day and use the DSLR at night. Unfortunately my Nikon FM2 broke the 1st day there so I was committed to the DSLR and my trusty Holga.

I could write pages as to why I love Tokyo. It is my favourite topic of conversation at the moment - but I thought it would just be easier to post my photos which I hope tell the story a little better than my overexcited ramblings!

I also just wanted to say a special thank you to that beloved man who thinks that dropping everything to jump on a plane so I can take photos and he can look at buildings a reasonable thing to do! xx

As soon as the sun goes down its like Tokyo changes into a new sparkly glamourous outfit...

Monday, 6 May 2013

my first wedding!

So, quite a while ago now my friend Annette asked if I would photograph her wedding. Knowing me as well as she did she gave me PLENTY of time to get used to the idea so I could get all of my panic out of the way first.

I have to say I was really nervous. It was the first time I'd ever done anything like this and I was still getting my head around my Canon 5D II. I bought a flash and lots of memory cards and a spare battery and got extra prepared like the slightly anxious nerd I am.

The brief was to capture the day as it unfolded in my style of photography that Annette had become a big (well my biggest) fan of! STRICTLY NO POSED CHEESY SET UP SHOTS! This was a perfect brief as it would allow me to observe, anticipate and simply tell the story of the day.  

It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it! I don't see myself as a wedding photographer but the idea of documenting a period of time as it happens is what really appeals to me.

There was something great about being the only person who got to see every part of that day and I hope when I handed the photos over to Annette and Ben they got to experience everything they didn't get to see.

A massive thank you to Annette and Ben for trusting me!