Thursday, 17 November 2011

street art in progress

a little bit of yellow trace

Nothing makes me happier than coming home to a room full of yellow trace, masking tape, pens and rulers. It always amazes me that all of these really simple things along with a lot of thinking, scratching and passion for the details can turn a piece of paper into a building that will actually stand somewhere for a very long time.

Thanks Bobby for your analogue ways, your coolness and your patience. x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

remembering blue skies

If you live in Melbourne at the moment you will definitely understand my dismay at waking up nearly every spring morning to grey skies. Seems to be the 'topic of choice' so I thought I'd post some pics in case you've forgotten what today should look like!

Monday, 7 November 2011

falling back in love with diana

I recently purchased a new Super Wide lens for my Diana F+ camera and I have to say I think I've fallen back in love. The more I get to know her and her quirky ticks the more success I have (this time there were 13 out of 16 exposures that actually worked which is pretty major for me!). She will definitely be coming with me to Bali in December.

I've never really subscribed to the Lomography 'Shoot From the Hip' philosophy. Film is too precious and expensive and I find myself being really particular when I use this camera as the light needs to be just right. I generally struggle with landscapes when I shoot with my Nikon 35mm camera for some reason but I'm pretty pleased with the results that I've been getting with this oh so basic toy camera! Might be something with just having to wing it and point and shoot.

These shots were taken in Bermagui on the NSW Sapphire Coast. The older I get the more special this place becomes and its a regular haven when Melbourne gets too suffocating, which is more often than not at the moment...