Wednesday, 23 May 2012

reasons i love melbourne - marios

Marios Cafe

I go to Marios so often that my coffee arrives in front of me seconds after I've sat down. Definitely proves I'm a creature of habit. I find this especially comforting on those days I don't feel like speaking to anyone.

Friday, 11 May 2012

the end of the roll

I always get to about 30 shots on a roll of film then just want to finish it as quickly as possible so I can have it processed. It's almost as if those last 6 shots don't really matter as its all about getting that film out of the camera.

I was in the same predicament the other day so I chose some random objects (including the discards of my dinner preparation!) and snapped away. It took all of 10 minutes. For someone that over-thinks everything - especially when it comes to a creative outcome it was really liberating to shoot away with the freedom of not worrying about the consequences. Definitely some food for thought moving forward!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

playing polaroid - let the sunshine in

Finally! This is the first shot using expired Polaroid 600 film in my Polaroid SX70 camera. The film arrived a few weeks ago but I've hesitated using it as it expired in '06. I just didn't want to be disappointed after all the failures I've had with the Impossible Project instant film. Anyway - its not a perfect shot by any means but its Polaroid and I love it!

I'm taking part in 52 Photos Project along with ongoing projects with a bunch of great photographers I met in the Shoot By Design course I did last year. As a designer working on my own I'm finding group projects a great way to feel connected and motivated which is often difficult to do in isolation. Its great to see other people's take on things as well as see their work develop over a period of time. Its even better to know that you are not alone in your creative frustrations - which I have many of at the moment!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

castlemaine details

Castlemaine is only about an hour and a half out of Melbourne. I often visit when things get claustrophobic here and I need a little space. Its one of those quintessential Australian country towns with wide streets, roadside apple stores, home-made jam and lets not forget The Country Women's Association!

We drove there on Sunday which seems a long way to go for a glass of wine and a mooch around vintage stores (which is pretty much how I spend time here in Melbourne on a quiet weekend!). It did however spark up that 'is it time for a tree change?' conversation which comes up every time we're somewhere peaceful but tend to forget the minute we hit home again!