Sunday, 22 December 2013

christenings, tears and lightroom - in that order

I recently photographed a friend's baby's Greek Orthodox Christening and have just finished working my way through editing them in Lightroom. I've finally wrapped my head around using the software, however I think its time for some advanced lessons. I know what I'm trying to achieve but I'm not quite there yet and its really time consuming process! In the interim here are some of my faves of this divine (and slightly traumatised) little cutie!


  1. What a sweet baby. As for Lightroom, I just got the VSCO Film 1 editing software to use with LR and I'm very happy with the look and the ease of use (majorly speeds up editing).

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check it out as the editing time is taking some of the fun out of it!

  2. Love these Helen! I keep meaning to download a free trial and have a play with Lightroom