Tuesday, 24 July 2012

melbourne on film

I'm sitting here fumbling around with my fancy new Canon DSLR and I'm starting to panic! I'm so in love with shooting film on my very beautiful and very uncomplicated Nikon FM2 that I think I may struggle getting to know this new medium!

I'm trying to keep in the same headspace of shooting with my Nikon – after all photography has always been about aperture, shutter speed and ISO all carefully balanced to create correct exposure... now, if only I could find those buttons!

Here are few things I've shot around Melbourne using film. Perhaps the next post will be about my love of my new digital camera!


  1. Love love this series Helen! I find myself so attached to my $10 film SLR now but do have digi SLR urges- what one did you get??
    Also these have made me so excited about hopping across the ditch back to Melbourne soon!!

    1. Hey Mary! I bought a Canon 5D II! Its beautiful but I'm a bit scared of how complicated it is! Let me know when you're heading over!

    2. Oh jeeeeeeealous!! :) I will defo let you know when I book my flights, we could have a photo-taking geek-out!!