Thursday, 15 March 2012

its true... I heart dumplings

Hutong Dumpling Bar 

Not too ago I think I required a dumpling intervention. If you're a little obsessed with these delicious little packages then I would suggest you try Hutong Dumpling Bar in Melbourne. Easily the best dumplings outside Shanghai!


  1. i agree totally. Hutong is where it's at for dumplings! my favourite are their chilli oil wontons. so so good.
    love your photos too! i've just found your blog through the shoot by design forum, i'm in the last week of the course

    1. Hi Kim! Oh last week of the course - I really miss it! A few of us have have gotten together on the forum to do Bi-Weekly assignments. You should check it out and join in - its a great way to keep the momentum going! I think the thread is called 'Bi-Weekly or Monthly Project'

    2. Sounds great, Helen. I'd love to join in, thanks! Will check it out